Short story Length

Heat Level: Erotic M/M

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Editor: Valerie Mann

Cover Artist: Fiona Jayde

A short and sweet honeymoon story featuring Sam and Cody from 'Want'.





What started out as a one night stand has turned into the best decision of Sam’s life after he marries the formerly straight man of his dreams, Cody. When his new husband tells Sam he has a special surprise for him on their honeymoon Sam can’t help but wonder what he has in store for him. Secluded from the rest of the world in the cabin they built together in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas, the two men begin their life together with plenty of passion and love.



Without taking his eyes from the road, Cody reached out and grabbed his hand, running his thumb over Sam’s calloused palm. “Did you remember to pack the towels?”

“Yep. And the washcloths.”

“Good, I don’t want to have to dry myself off with those ridiculously expensive sheets of yours again.”

He clenched his teeth at the memory of finding his then fiancé drying himself off with a fitted sheet after a hard day of working on their cabin together. “Those were 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets that I picked out just for our cabin!”

“1000 threads, huh? Well they didn’t absorb water worth shit.” He stole a glance at Sam, barely hiding his smile. “And why do they gotta be Egyptian cotton? What’s wrong with American cotton?”

He closed his eyes and shook his head. His husband loved to make fun of the stereotype that all construction workers were ignorant rednecks. He’d even helped Sam pick the sheets out, spending hours together selecting just the right colors for the bedroom of their dream vacation home. The truck hit a hole in the road and Sam’s head thumped against the window. “Ow!”

“Sorry ‘bout that,” Cody said and gave him a wink. “You just look so damned good, I can’t keep my eyes on the road.”

He snorted, but his heart warmed and he lifted their linked hands to his mouth, nibbling on the tip of the other man’s thumb. “Well we can’t have that. I’d hate to have our honeymoon end with a fiery crash down the side of the mountain.” He gently sucked Cody’s thumb into his mouth and laved the tip with his tongue before pulling it out with a plop. “Yep, you really should pay attention to your driving.”



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