My Wicked Princess

Club Wicked LA #1


BDSM Club Romance

M/F, F/F

Coming February 22nd, 2021







Tyler has devoted his life to protecting people, first as a police officer and now as the head of Club Wicked’s security. So when the beautiful Nora needs his help, he quickly comes to her rescue. His interest in her is further piqued when he finds out sweet, shy, and funny Nora has a guest application pending at Club Wicked. But when he reads her background check, he realizes his princess has been badly hurt, and will need a caring Daddy to help her heal.

After enduring two years of constant mental abuse from her ex-boyfriend/Dom, Nora finally flees her hometown in Oklahoma for the sunny beaches of southern California. She hopes to start a new life, one free of dread and anxiety; but it seems her past just won’t let go. Her relationship fears make it impossible for her to see strange men as anything other than a threat, so she avoids dating like the plague. Until she meets Tyler. He’s the Daddy every princess dreams of, and Nora soon finds herself wondering why such an amazing man would want a damaged woman like herself.

Tyler will have to convince Nora to trust him before it’s too late, or risk losing his princess to her demons forever