Penance by Ann Mayburn Long Slow Tease Book 2 FemDom Military BDSM Romance Domme Dominatrix Alpha Male submissive PTSD Military Romance


Long Slow Tease, #2

Novel Length

Contemporary BDSM Romance

Editor: Ekatarina Saynaova

Cover Artist: Ann Mayburn

Publisher: Honey Mountain Publishing








Long Slow Tease, #2

Penance is the conclusion of Michelle and Wyatt's tale of hope,
loss, and healing, but most of all forgiveness and the meaning of
unconditional love.

When Wyatt and Michelle leave for Chicago to attend the wedding of an old friend of Michelle's, and Wyatt has no idea how close his beloved Domina is to the edge. Michelle has been trying to ignore her own issues, focused on helping Wyatt with his PTSD, but the past refuses to stay buried and she soon finds herself spiraling out of control. More determined than ever to protect Wyatt from herself, Michelle tries to pretend everything is perfect with devastating results.

Wyatt can see that Michelle is losing it, but he doesn't know how to help her when she refuses to admit there's a problem. No longer able to deal with the pressure of pretending to be perfect, Michelle self-destructs. Wyatt is now faced with a bitter choice - leave the woman who owns his heart or start a long and arduous journey to rescue the other half of his soul from her own personal Hell.

***This is the second book in a two book series. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read 'Still' before you read 'Penance' as this is basically one giant book split into two.****



Chapter 1


Michelle Sapphire reclined back in the sumptuous cream leather seats of the private jet, watching the sky fly by outside and sipped on a glass of champagne. Across her lap lay a velvety soft cashmere throw the color of honey, and a tray of fresh fruit sat on the table next to her seat. Though she was surrounded by every luxury money could buy, it was the man across from her who she cherished more than anything.

He wasn’t pretty like many of the men in her family’s social circles. One would never find Wyatt casually getting a manicure, or spending two hours doing his hair. Not that he needed to. She longed to run her fingers through those thick raven strands, brush it back and see the glints of silver coming in around his temples. Despite his relaxed demeanor, here was something about him that silently broadcasted he wasn’t a man to be fucked with.

Probably the result of all his years as a Marine…or just Wyatt himself.

He rubbed at her elbow with his sock-clad foot. “Anything I can get you, Domina?”

Yuki, wearing a flowing yellow and cream silk maxi dress, answered from the other side of the private jet where she and her husband and submissive, James, were lounging. “Actually, yes you can Wyatt.”

Michelle turned to look at her best friend, but the beautiful Japanese woman kept an expressionless face. Wyatt looked to Michelle, then back Yuki. “What is it, Ma’am?”

“I want you to do a little public play with us. Right here. Right now.”

Michelle would have laughed at the horrified look on Wyatt’s face if she didn’t know what was waiting for them once they landed. Shit, if he couldn't take some public play here, he was going to hate the Velvet Fist, the BDSM club where she’d cut her teeth and her old stomping grounds. They were on their way to Chicago for a friend’s wedding/collaring ceremony, and afterwards, the reception at the Velvet Fist. Wyatt had insisted that he wanted to be available for her to play with if she so desired, but to be honest, the thought of taking any man to the Velvet Fist as her submissive made her nauseous.

Almost five years ago her fiancé, first love, and first submissive, Owen, died in a tragic robbery attempt gone bad while trying to protect Michelle. He’d been co-owner of the Velvet Fist, and the place was filled with memories for her, bittersweet echoes of a different time in her life when she was a young woman in love. Now, she would be there as a woman who was bringing a new submissive into the club her dead fiancé helped build. Yuki said no one was freaking out about it but her, but Michelle still couldn’t let go of the feeling that she was somehow betraying Owen by having Wyatt there.

After all, she’d sworn on Owen’s grave she would never love another, yet here she was, totally besotted with another man…..a man who deserved better than her. But Wyatt was here with her now, so she would to hold herself together and be strong for him. He deserved the perfect Mistress and she would do her damndest to be just that.

Wyatt looked to Michelle, his mouth pressed into a thin line. “I don’t share, hard limit.”

She nodded. “I don’t share either.”

He glanced at Yuki. “Sorry, Ma’am, but my Domina said no.”

With a soft laugh James, Yuki’s blond, blue-eyed husband, and owner of the jet, leaned forward. “No, we’re not talking about touching each other. My Mistress and your Domina are going to think up some terribly wicked thing for us to do to keep them entertained.”

Flushing, Wyatt ran a hand through his hair, the big muscles of his arms flexing in a distracting manner. “Domina?”

She smiled at him, her heart lightening as her mind lifted to a more aware, more aroused state, a slightly higher level, but not to the point where she flew in her Top space. Uncrossing her legs, glad she’d worn a loose skirt, she toed off one of her shoes and placed her bare foot in his lap. The world around her faded as her attention turned to Wyatt and what he needed, what he deserved.

A very focused, unmerciful, bad ass bitch of a Dominatrix…with a dash of sugar to go with the spice.

“You know I told you I wanted to show you off, Wyatt, and I mean it. Yuki will see you and she will appreciate the beauty of your form, the gift of your submission. And it will make her hot, make her want to fuck James hard and fast, so he benefits as well.”

Wyatt cleared his throat and kept his eyes firmly on the other man. “James, you okay with this?”

James laughed. “Absolutely. Look at it this way. We both get to admire two naked, aroused, fucking sexy-as-hell women while remaining true to our Mistresses. Not only that, but serving my wife in public turns me on. I know other men want to be where I am, to have such an amazing Mistress own them. I feel a great deal of pride about myself because I belong to Yuki.” His voice turned soft, reverent, and Michelle watched him stroke Yuki’s face with a look of such love that her heart sang for them. It reminded Michelle of how Wyatt looked at her. “I will do whatever she needs to make her happy. She knows that, and I know the same is true for her.”

Wyatt abruptly moved her foot out of his lap. “You’re right.”

He stood and stripped off his shirt before bending over and pulling off his socks. She had a wonderful view of his back muscles flexing, the complex, faded tattoos moving across his skin.

James picked up the phone next to his seat. “I don’t want to be disturbed. Even if the plane is going down in flames, leave me alone.”
Once free of his socks, Wyatt took the tray of fruit and moved it to a table farther down the sumptuous plane. When he returned he folded down the seats into a bed. Finally, he turned and knelt before Michelle. “How may I please you, Domina?”

His gaze flickered over to where Yuki and James sat and watched, but she snapped her fingers. “I’m over here, Wyatt. For someone who swears to serve me you seem far more concerned about others in the cabin.”

His shoulders tensed and he looked down, but not before she saw the flash of defiance in his gaze. “My apologies, Domina.”

“Yuki, do you have a blindfold?”

“Of course.” She stood and went over to her carry-on, digging through it. “Blind fold, lube, cuffs, small flogger, and a variety of vibrators.”
“I just need the blindfold. Wyatt, go get my carry-on and then take the blindfold from Yuki.”

He stood, the evidence of his arousal straining against his pants. She hoped she wasn’t pushing him to far too quick, but she had to make him ready. The Velvet Fist was a serious BDSM playground, not a place for newbies, and she had her own small matter of pride to attend to. The part of her that wasn’t wallowing in the guilt of taking on a new submissive, a new man to love, wanted to show Petrov, the owner of the club and a good personal friend, that she’d paid attention during her training and used the skills he taught her to train a delicious Alpha male into a submissive any Top would envy.

And she wanted Wyatt to be proud of her, to know his Mistress was well-respected in the community, that he’d chosen to serve a woman worthy of his devotion.

Unfortunately, Michelle really didn’t know if Wyatt would ever be comfortable doing a scene in public, let alone enjoying it. And if he didn’t or couldn’t enjoy it, there would be utterly no point in forcing him. While she’d be happy playing in private with him for the rest of her life, she was sure Wyatt would enjoy the club, but only if she could get him in the right mindset.

Hopefully, having Yuki and James witness such an intimate moment between them would help desensitize Wyatt. She certainly knew she would use every weapon in her considerable erotic arsenal to make sure it was an experience he would never forget. After all, he’d made every minute of her life unforgettable since the moment she first saw him at the base canteen in Afghanistan. Of course, they’d been unable to act on their feelings then. She was his superior officer, and any hint of impropriety would have gotten them both a dishonorable discharge.

But they weren't in the military anymore and she planned on enjoying the hell out of Wyatt every chance she could get.

She studied his face, loving the faint lines that experience had given him, the way his gaze softened whenever he looked at her. Wyatt Callahan loved her with every ounce of his considerable heart and she would cherish that gift. If he could just trust her enough to let her take complete control, she could bring him pleasure like no other. As silly as it sounded, having sex in public was an incredibly intimate affair, one filled with emotions and passion, something she greatly missed and wanted Wyatt to enjoy.

He took the blindfold from Yuki, swallowing hard as she grinned at him. Michelle didn’t blame him; when Yuki got into her Dominatrix mindset she became almost feral. Indeed, Yuki’s smile had a sharp edge to it, a hint of the cruelty she could wield when in the mood. James, meanwhile, was taking off his clothes while avoiding looking at Wyatt, trying to give him some semblance of privacy.
Well, that wasn’t going to help Wyatt get used to people staring at him.

“Yuki, your sub seems to be afraid to look at Wyatt.”

Yuki turned on her husband as quick as a striking snake, fast enough to see James give Michelle an exasperated took. “What’s the matter, James? Have you suddenly developed a useless sense of modesty? I thought I beat that out of you years ago.”

James went to his knees, his hard cock flushed red and standing between his thighs. “No Mistress. This body is yours to display as you please, to use as you please. I live to serve your pleasure and, if that pleasure is looking at Wyatt, so be it.”

“Then, my pleasure is for you to assist Mistress Michelle.”

Licking her lips, Michelle looked between Wyatt and James, thinking about what she could do. What she wanted to do with them definitely wasn’t going to happen. After all, these two men were good friends and one hundred percent heterosexual. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy their mutual discomfort.

She could be such a bitch.

“Wyatt, that table can be pushed down into the floor. Click the release lever beneath it.” She gestured to the chair next to her. “Yuki, if you would like to join me?”

Yuki rose, her silky dress sliding down her body, unimpeded by a bra and probably panties. Moving past James, who gave her a pleading look, she sat down on the couch next to Michelle and drew her legs up beneath her. When their eyes met Michelle couldn’t help but smile. It had been a long time since she’d played with her best friend outside of a club. Oh, she’d watched Yuki and James have sex; they were exhibitionists and she’d walked in on them more than once, but it wasn’t the same. More like watching a movie than living the story. The visual was there, but the emotion, the energy that made it special, was missing.

“Wyatt, take your pants off and kneel before me. James I want you kneeling before your Mistress, but first take the blindfold from Wyatt and put it on him.”

The background hum of the engines barely covered Wyatt’s growl and he didn’t meet her eyes as he stripped, then knelt, his muscles rock hard with tension. She could almost see the battle going on in his head, the fight between his desire to please her and his need to prove his dominance to the other male. It was one thing to submit to her in private, but for a man who’d spent his formative years in the macho world of the US Marine Corps it had to be double hard. His struggle with battling his nature for her pleasure turned her on immensely.

Lifting her skirt enough so that the tops of the pink garters holding up her silk stockings were visible, she leaned forward and brushed Wyatt’s hair away while James put the blindfold on him. A trace of sweat wet his brow and he pressed his lips into a firm line, his jaw tensing and releasing once the blindfold was firmly in place.

“Thank you, James.”

“My pleasure, Mistress.” He knelt before Yuki and she gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.

Wyatt’s erection had faded when James put the blindfold on so Michelle nudged Wyatt’s legs further apart, making him widen his stance. He flinched when her stocking-clad foot rubbed against his balls, then groaned when she ran her big toe over the three connected gold rings encircling his organ, his balls, and a third ring pressed against the base of his pelvis. A constant visible reminder of his devotion to her.

Blood began to rush to his dick and she heard Yuki's pleased murmur. Jealousy struck her and she had to resist the urge to tell her friend not to look. After all, she’d seen James in much more compromising positions over the years and had enjoyed the visual treat without ever violating Yuki’s strict ‘no touching’ policy. Michelle needed to get into the proper headspace and stop coddling Wyatt.
“Yuki, did you know my sub has never had anything in that tight, delicious ass of his?”

“Wait!” Wyatt shouted. “I don’t want anything in there.”

She gripped a handful of his hair and jerked his head forward, placing her lips by his ear but speaking loud enough for James and Yuki to hear. “You do want to fuck me in my ass, don’t you Wyatt?”

His dick jerked against her foot and she smiled. “Yes, Domina.”

“Well I’m not going to just let you shove that big dick into me. You have to earn it, just like everything else.” He trembled slightly, pulling against her grip. “Wyatt, give me your hand.”

Still holding him, she took his hand and pressed it between her legs, cupping her bare, wet sex with his palm, her breath hitching when he pressed the heel of his palm against her clit. “Can you see how much the idea of you taking a small toy in your ass turns me on? I’m going to make it good for you, Wyatt, so good that you’ll be fighting not to come the second I start to fuck you.”

He groaned, his head rolling back on his shoulders and the thick muscles of his chest contracting. “I will stay as hard as long as you need me, Domina.”

She looked over at Yuki and found her friend attaching nipple clamps to James. “Would you like to race?”

Giggling, Yuki nodded and gave the chain attached to James’ collar and now dangling between his nipples a hard yank. “I would love to.”

“Wyatt, turn around and get on your hands and knees. Crawl two paces forward.”

Yuki raked her nails down her husband’s chest. “I want you next to him.”

Once the men were in place Michelle dug through her bag and pulled out two metal anal plugs. She gave the larger one to Yuki since James was used to having his ass stretched and kept the smaller one for herself. The plug she wanted to use on Wyatt had a slight curve to it, made to find the prostate and put a constant pressure on it.

Anticipation sizzled through her blood and she got down on the floor, moving behind Wyatt.

“Spread your legs.” He did, just a little bit and she smacked his ass hard enough to leave a red handprint. “Wider.”

Deep growling noises came from him, but he finally complied, giving her enough room to move behind him. Gripping his hips, she pulled him backwards like she was the one with the cock, ready to fuck him. Oh she couldn’t wait to use a strap-on with him, but they had plenty of time for those pleasures. Besides, she didn’t want to rush it.

Laying her head on his back, she reached around and began to stroke his cock, teasing the gold rings with her fingertips. “You have no idea how much your surrender means to me, Wyatt. Knowing that you’re fighting your nature for my pleasure, knowing that you trust me enough to do something to you that you wouldn’t let anyone else in the world do is an aphrodisiac like no other. I can’t wait to have this big dick inside of me, but first, we need to put something inside of you.”

Next to them, James grunted as Yuki poured lube down the crack of his ass. She handed the small bottle to Michelle. Squiring out a palm full of the slick liquid, she began to work it into the crease of his ass. As expected, his muscles tightened up and she gave him another slap with her hand covered in liquid.

“Either you open up for me or I will watch Yuki fuck James and masturbate myself to an orgasm with my hand instead of your body.”
He shivered, his arms shaking and his breath coming out in heavy pants. “No, Domina, I can do this.”

“Darling, this isn’t about enduring, this is about enjoying. I know Western society is all fucked in the head about sexuality, but none more so than about sodomy. It feels good, has been enjoyed by the manliest of men for centuries, and will make you come like you wouldn’t believe. Now open that sweet ass for me. My patience is just about done.”

She waited for him, rubbing her finger up and down the crack of his buttocks. What a fine ass it was, with hard muscles extending up to his lower back. She bit his shoulder, hard, and he groaned, finally opening for her.

As she worked her hand between his cheeks, she stayed away from the tempting star of his anus and just slicked the lube from the top of his butt down to his dangling balls, cupping them in her hand and gently rolling them.

Oh, this was going to be so much fun.

There was an art to milking a man’s prostate, and it had been far too long since she’d last had this pleasure. Let alone the pure taboo of doing it to such a big, bad animal like Wyatt. The internal battle between the need to please her and his pride demanding  he resist made her wish she could hear his thoughts.

Oh wait, she could.

“Wyatt, tell me what you’re thinking, and don’t lie to me. You lie and you get to hear James come three times before I so much as lick the slit of your cock.”

He trembled and she removed her hand from his ass. While she wanted him highly aroused at this point, she didn’t want him in his subspace yet. She needed to make sure his conscious mind heard her. If he didn’t acknowledge that he wanted it, he could later justify that she’d forced him to enjoy it or some other type of macho bullshit that men used to distance themselves from their feelings.
“I want to turn around and grab your thighs, holding you to my mouth, forcing you to endure one orgasm after another. I can’t fucking understand why you’d rather have my ass than my mouth, my cock, my fingers.”

Stalling to buy herself some time to stop her hands from shaking, Michelle put on a pair of black latex gloves. Thin enough that she could feel him but thick enough to protect his ass from being damaged. He’d be as tight as a virgin, because in this aspect he was. Being his Mistress meant that every day she had to seduce his willing submission from him. There would always be battles between them, Wyatt’s will was too strong for her to entirely contain, but oh, how she loved the fact that he hadn’t broken his form during his tirade, only his stiff muscles betraying his tension.

A soft, feminine sigh came from Michelle’s left and she looked over, watching as Yuki sat on James’ face and enjoyed his talented tongue. Wyatt immediately turned towards the sound and his dick jumped. Michelle had to stifle a giggle as, a second later, his cheeks flushed and he resumed his position. Yuki was rather vocal with her pleasure, and dirty, so poor Wyatt would have a doubly hard time resisting the urge to come. Just to make it even more of a sensual torture session for him, she reached between his heavily muscled thighs with their light dusting of hair and fondled his smooth, shaved balls.

Wyatt let loose with a litany of angry, hungry curses as she loosened the cock ring. If she milked him right he’d have precum pouring out of him and making a mess. Michelle grabbed the cashmere throw on the couch and had Wyatt lift his knees so she could put it beneath him. Once she was sure of his comfort, she poured more lube over her latex clad fingers. Lube was the number one thing to keep in mind while doing anything with a man’s ass so there could never really be too much.

“Relax, darling. I promise I will bring you nothing but pleasure if you can trust me enough to give your body to me.”

Relaxation flowed through him like water running over smooth stones. “I trust you, Domina.”

Her heart ached with love, and she allowed herself one small kiss on the base of his spine. She was getting better at expressing her affection, but it was still hard. Old memories of her time with Owen were being stirred up in her mind like a child stirring up the bottom of a stagnant pond with a stick. Unpleasant things kept surfacing and she fought to clear her mind of them.

This wasn’t Owen; this was Wyatt, and they were two very different men who shared the same spirit at the core of who they were.
Seeking to ground herself in the present, she gave in to the urge to press her finger against his anus. She got just the tip in before he seized up on her, clutching tight. Fuck, she couldn’t wait to take him with a strap-on. When he relaxed she pushed forward again, the increasingly loud cries from Yuki indicating her orgasm was near. Michelle had to bite her lip to keep from laughing. Wait until Wyatt heard the filthy shit that Yuki liked to say when she came.

She slowly slid her finger into him and began to gently move, stopping whenever he tensed up. Soon he was pushing back on her and his cock was so hard the veins bulged. And what a big cock it was. She loved to have all of it shoved inside of her until she couldn’t breathe. Her pussy clenched at the thought, and she had to fight her desire to flip him over and ride him to completion. But if she did that, she’d be setting the precedent that she didn’t stick to her word. So she continued to finger fuck his ass, loving his grunts and groans mixing with the soft slurping sound James made as he feasted on Yuki.

They were situated so Yuki could watch Michelle take Wyatt’s ass, and Michelle could see James’ efforts to make his wife come. Right now, he was lapping at Yuki’s cunt like it was an ice cream cone and Michelle groaned.

“God, Wyatt, you should see how well James is eating Yuki out.”

The muscles of Wyatt’s ass clamped around her fingers. “Do I need to brush up on my technique, Domina?”

She slapped his ass. “Open up for me. You do not clench down until I tell you. Master your body, Wyatt. Use that strong will of yours to relax and let me have you.” With a soft sigh she leaned closer so she could whisper into his ear, “Wyatt, if you got any better at eating my pussy I don’t think I could survive it. You almost kill me with how damn good you can make me come with that clever mouth of yours.”

The clench of his inner muscles eased and she squirted more lube onto her hand before she began to work a second finger into him. With gentle, rubbing strokes she located his prostate. It was small, about the size of a quail egg, and had to be handled gently. At least at first. While pressing on it she reached around and began to jack him off, his hot length sliding through her slick fist. His groan became a grunt as she massaged his prostate. A moment later a long stream of pre-cum dripped from his cock and he shuddered.

Yuki must have liked what she saw because a moment later she had James’ hair held in her fist as she lifted his head off the ground and shoved her pussy onto his mouth. “That’s it, my good slut, suck my clit. Oh, I’m going to fucking come. Don’t you dare stop eating me until I’m done.”

Arousal filled every inch of Michelle’s body until she felt almost faint. She laid her cheek on Wyatt’s back and continued to ream him, milking him until a small puddle of pre-cum stained the cashmere throw. She’d have to make sure to set it aside because she wanted to have this memory held in it forever. He thrust into her fist with each stroke and she released him with a last reluctant stroke.

“Wyatt, I need you to lift your knees one at a time for me.”

She tugged the blanket out and carefully folded it so the mess he’d made was on the inside. Some guys freaked out when they saw how much came out of their bodies during a prostate milking and she needed Wyatt deep in the zone for what she wanted next. As she stripped off the gloves she looked over at Yuki, who gave her a lazy smile and nodded.

“Wyatt, James, Yuki and I have a proposal for you.” She caressed Wyatt’s ass, hoping the next part would intrigue him enough to keep his embarrassment at bay. “You may remove your blindfold.”

Yuki ground her pussy against James’ mouth with a low purr while Michelle watched, then released him and moved off so he could go sit on the couch. James was a bit longer than Wyatt, but Wyatt’s dick was thicker.  Both were good looking men, but in very different ways. It made watching them together all the more enjoyable for Michelle.

When Wyatt’s blindfold was removed Michelle gripped him by his hair and lifted his face so she could see his eyes. “I want you to go sit on the couch next to James.”

His eyes darkened and he whispered, “No men, Domina. You know that’s a hard limit. I won’t touch him sexually.”

“Wyatt, I would never break a hard limit of yours. I merely want to have enough room for Yuki to ride James while I ride you right next to her.”

His pupils dilated and his low growl warmed her from head to toe. In order to make Wyatt feel as comfortable as possible, to burn this first taste of being an exhibitionist and voyeur into his memory as a positive thing, Yuki and Michelle were going to give some of the control to the men because they trusted them not to abuse it. Plus, a man actively fucking a woman like the rutting beast he is, was absolutely wonderful.

When Wyatt stood, his massive erection jutted into the air, undeterred by his audience. The way he looked at Michelle made her ravenous for him, and she couldn’t help but want a small taste. Before he could turn to go she caught his hair in her fist again, this time tilting his mouth towards her.

Goddamn, Wyatt could kiss. He knew just how to stroke his lips against hers to maximize the sensations she was receiving. As it was the first time, he kissed her like he’d been made for her, the perfect package of sensual threat and resistant submission. She opened her mouth and traced the seam of his lips, loving the way his cock pressed against her hip as she stepped closer. Eager to feel him against her she whispered against his lips, “Unzip my skirt.”

His clever hands found her bottom and he stole a quick grope before doing as she asked. In reprimand she bit his neck hard enough to sting and he groaned. “You’re going to fucking kill me, Domina.”

With a happy purr she shimmied out of her skirt and stood in her pretty pink garters and nude silk stockings. No panties, of course. Wyatt tensed and his gaze went to where Yuki and James sat. James had Yuki’s breast in his mouth while his wife arched her back and moaned. Wyatt flushed and looked back at Michelle, his embarrassment warring with pure lust.

She gave him a loud smack on the ass and pointed to the seat next to James. “Sit down.”

Wyatt complied while he tried to act nonchalant and attempted to pretend a very naked Yuki wasn’t mere inches away. If it had been any other woman, Michelle would have had to battle her jealousy issues, but she’d been playing with James and Yuki for so long that it was almost…normal to her. As odd as it might seem to the rest of the world, she never wanted to actually have sex with them, but found the act of having sex around them to be a bonding experience, one she wanted to share with Wyatt. She wanted him to know that intimacy, to understand how she could at once find the sight of James fucking his wife highly arousing, but have no desire to join them. Memories of doing exactly that with Owen while Yuki and James watched flashed through her mind, and she struggled to put those memories back in their locked box where they belonged.

She would not disrespect Wyatt by thinking about her ex-fiancé.

Getting her mind back on the present, Michelle took a deep breath then laid out the terms of their game. “The concept is very simple. If you come before I tell you to, I get to pick out your clothing for the reception at the Velvet Fist.”

Wyatt narrowed his eyes at her. “I was wondering why you packed the gladiator outfit that you like me to wear.”

Yuki giggled, “Oh my. I would love to see that.”

A surprisingly strong bolt jealousy went through Michelle and she had to remind herself that Yuki meant nothing by it. There was no one in the world more monogamous by nature than Yuki and James, which made them being such big voyeurs and exhibitionists all the stranger. Of course Yuki would appreciate Wyatt’s physical charms, they were sure as fuck on display for her. Shit, Michelle needed to get herself under control. If she got jealous over Yuki of all people, there was no way she could go to the wedding reception at the Club, and she really wanted to. Not just to see old friends, but to show Wyatt that part of herself, to try to replace memories of Owen with memories of Wyatt. As soon as she thought that, guilt twisted her stomach and she pressed a hand to her abdomen, trying to reassure herself that she wasn’t betraying Owen, that he wasn’t watching her from heaven and hurting right now.

Wyatt shifted and she met his gaze. He gave her a look she couldn’t decipher, but leaned forward, placing a kiss over her hand still on her stomach. The softness and warmth of his lips helped ground her and eased the knot in her gut. She wanted this to be perfect for Wyatt, needed it to be perfect, and she was screwing it up with her personal bullshit.

His voice vibrated against her fingers as he said, “I’m yours, Domina. If it is your pleasure for me to look like I’m on my way to a gladiator porno, then I’ll wear it with pride.”

Michelle pressed her lips together to keep from laughing, thankful that Wyatt could snap her out of her funk without even trying. She gave herself over to the humor, allowing it to chase the negative feelings from her mind. The need to reward Wyatt for bringing such joy to her life warmed her blood. After composing herself she smiled at Wyatt and his grin dropped off his face. “Stand up, turn around, and bend over.”

His gaze darted over to Yuki and James who unabashedly watched him. After another moment of hesitation, he surged up from his seat and turned, his hands pulled into tight fists. She waited a moment to see if she’d triggered one of his rages, but he relaxed and looked over his shoulder at her, silently daring her to continue. He’d improved so much since the evening she found him strapped to a chair at the police station, but she had a gut feeling that he was just learning how to deal with his PTSD, that he was still on fragile ground emotionally. One part of her wanted to wrap him in cotton and keep him safe, while the other wanted to push him, to help him learn that he was strong enough to overcome his own personal demons.

But this wasn’t the time or place for it. This perfect moment was all about pleasure. She wanted to build beautiful memories, capture his love in her mind, so when she was faced with the inevitable hard moments ahead of her, she could use these memories to strengthen herself. His love and unconditional devotion were her shield against her own mind.

She grabbed the small butt plug she’d set aside earlier and squirted more lube on it. Wyatt should have plenty of lube still left inside of him, and that proved to be the case when the plug slid easily into him. She turned it a couple times, slowly getting him used to the sensation, and began to pull back so the fat part of the plug would stretch his anus, almost come all the way out, before she eased it back in. After about thirty seconds of this, Wyatt was straining beneath her, the barest rocking of his hips breaking through his self-control.

Leaning over, she nibbled his ear before whispering, “That’s it, darling. Feel it and remember this sensation so when you’re fucking me in the ass you’ll have an idea of how it feels. And right now I bet this feels fantastic. Your cock is full to the point of bursting, but don’t lose control yet. I want to ride you and you will not disappoint me.”


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