Sodom and Detroit:

Virtual Seduction Book 1

 Heat Level: Erotic M/M, M/F, F/F, M/F/M, M/M/F

 MC Erotic Contemporary Romance













Workaholic Maeve Burgundy avoids any relationship where she might fall in love. She's forced by her best friend to take a vacation she won to the exotic Sodom Resort. They specialize in turning any erotic fantasy into reality. Virtual Reality.

What Maeve doesn't know is that Angel, the owner of the Resort and her old college boyfriend, has rigged the contest in an effort to reconnect with Maeve. He wants to persuade her to become part of a committed ménage à trois with his best friend and lover, Luke.

The three embark upon a sexual adventure that takes them from the sultry pleasures of a sheik's harem, to the forced seduction of a royal lady by two highwaymen, and the fun of having a handsome biker hanging chained from the ceiling-just begging for a flogging. During each fantasy Maeve falls a little more in love with the men she thinks she knows, and begins to trust them with her heart.

Luke warns Angel that they may lose Maeve because of his deception, but Angel will take any chance to win Maeve back and convince her how good a loving ménage à trois can be.


Chapter One


Maeve Burgundy tried to tune out Trinity's excited voice as she chattered away and read the brochure over the muffled roar of the 747's engines. Even in first class, you couldn't get away from their rumble. "'Sodom is the world's largest five-star virtual reality resort. Boasting over one hundred individual VR spas and specializing in erotic fantasy, guests can fulfill their every desire. We encourage you to embrace your wild side and challenge us with your dreams that we turn into reality -- virtual reality.'"

Tucking a strand of coal black hair into her bun, she stole a glance at Trinity before returning to her e-mails. Trinity's black spiral curls practically vibrated with excitement, and a flush painted her dark chocolate cheeks. Maeve didn't know why she was so keyed up; it wasn’t like Trinity needed the VR fantasies the resort promised.

Built like a runway model with mile-long legs, Trinity never lacked male admirers. Maeve often felt dowdy compared to her best friend. At five-one with abundant curves and a plush Italian bottom, she usually wore five-inch heels to appear taller. Not that she lacked male companionship either, but she kept her relationships strictly sexual. She had trusted the wrong guy with her heart and had the emotional scars to prove it.

She tried to ignore Trinity and finish the e-mail to her assistant back at Noven Enterprises in New York City. As an expert in contractual law for Noven, Trinity pretty much worked by herself, while Maeve ran the entire corporate acquisition section and reported directly to the president. The thought of being out of touch with the office for a whole week made her panicky inside, and she typed even faster. At her job, she had total control and could lose herself in her work, bury herself in a world where there were few surprises and being cold and ruthless was encouraged.

Trinity attempted to shut Maeve's laptop with one hand while she continued to read the brochure aloud. "'Would you like to be Tarzan, swinging through the trees to rescue your beloved Jane from an army of headhunters? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a botanist working with a plant that induces sexual euphoria? If you can imagine it, you can do it from the safety of our virtual reality chambers. Nothing is taboo, and the only thing holding you back from living the ultimate fantasy is yourself.'"

Maeve snorted and wondered who would find plants sexy, but Trinity continued unabashed. "'For an extra thrill, you can partner with other resort guests and live out your fantasies with them in the safety and anonymity of cyberspace.'"

An announcement came over the speakers that the plane would begin its descent into the Detroit Metro Airport and to please put away all electronic devices.

Maeve typed as fast as she could in an effort to get out her last-minute orders. Trinity, the bitch, was taking away her laptop once they landed. She didn't believe Maeve would be able to relax and enjoy her vacation while having access to her office.

Grumbling, Maeve added a last set of instructions on the acquisition of a failing steel mill. She'd won this vacation, even though she couldn't remember actually entering the contest. When the representative from the Sodom resort had shown up with two dozen red balloons and a local TV crew, she had been so astonished she'd babbled through most of the interview. Trinity and the rest of management had forced her into actually taking the vacation, and she'd only agreed after her boss threatened to fire her. He was kidding, of course… She hoped.

Maeve scowled and hunched over her keyboard as she saw the stewardess approaching them with a frown. The petite blonde  flight attendant stopped at their aisle and said, "Ma'am, could you please close your laptop?"

Ignoring the stewardess, she clicked Send just before Trinity smashed her fingers with the screen of the laptop. The stewardess startled at the aggressive snarl that Maeve gave Trinity and backed away with wide eyes. Trinity just laughed and hugged Maeve's laptop to her chest.

Maeve gave Trinity a dirty look. "We aren't on the ground yet."

"The office is fine. Your underlings live in fear of you, and they won't do anything to incur your wrath." Trinity tried to tug at the carved wooden sticks holding Maeve's long hair back in the tight bun. "Let your hair down, sister! You're on your first vacation in two years. Relax and enjoy the ride."

Maeve eyed the laptop with longing. "I've taken a vacation," she said defensively.

"Business conferences don't count. And when is the last time you made love?"

The sight of Detroit's glittering lights suddenly became very interesting. "I've had partners."

Trinity snorted and slipped the laptop into its bag, then under her seat. "I said made love, not sex." She patted Maeve's hand. "I worry about you. All work and no play makes Maeve a very dull girl."

Now it was Maeve's turn to snort. "What about you, Ms. Trin? You aren't exactly the poster girl for long-term relationships."

Trinity stuck her tongue out. "Well, at least I try. What are you so afraid of that won't let you fall in love?"

That remark hit too close to home, and Maeve's stomach clenched. She'd fallen in love once, given her whole heart and soul to a man who didn't trust her, and it had almost destroyed her when they broke up. That mistake wasn't going to happen again. She quickly changed the subject. "So what fantasies are you going to try out? We get four, one for each day we’re there." Maeve pulled out her phone and looked at the list of possible fantasies she wanted to try.

Trinity gave a shocked gasp. "Are you for real? You made a list of your fantasies? Did you also schedule your orgasms and bathroom breaks?"

Maeve narrowed her eyes at Trinity. "I hope the batteries on your vibrator run out."

Trinity laughed. "Oh, low blow!" They pressed back into their seats as the plane touched down with a thud. Trinity bounced up and down . "We're here!"

Maeve looked out the plane's window and watched the brand-new airport terminal gleam in the darkness. After the economic collapse of the late '90s, Detroit had reinvented itself through tax breaks and hard work into the virtual reality capital of the world. Now it celebrated the fruits of those efforts as not only a center of enormous wealth, but also as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Here, in the safety and comfort of the Midwest, an adventurous spirit could fulfill their every desire at one of the nineteen VR resorts.

In the distance, Sodom's giant illuminated obelisk soared above its competitors. From small motels to megaresorts, anything you could possibly want in the VR world was available. Some of the smaller businesses specialized in themes such as ancient Rome and adventure sports, while the larger hotels often had a variety of programs made to appeal to a broad audience.

An excited murmur swept through the cabin of the airplane as they taxied down the runway. Across the aisle two twenty something men with beards talked excitedly about the sports vr resort where they were going to climb Mount Everest. From behind her Maeve heard a woman talking about whether she wanted to be a lady in waiting in Queen Victoria’s court or the Queen herself.
A small glow of excitement began to burn inside of her as she opened her mind to the possibilities of this vacation. All those delicious fantasies that she pleasured herself to, brought to life by the wonders of technology. She shared a grin with Trinity and looked forward to a week of fantasy.

* * * * *

"What do you think?" Angel ran his hand across his smooth, shaved head. He strode over to the floor-to-ceiling windows and looked down on the city lights of Detroit. The view from the top floor of Sodom was fantastic, and he watched the red dots on planes in the distant night sky circling the airport. Was Maeve on one of them?

Luke leaned back in the black leather chair and kicked his feet up on Angel's steel and glass desk. A tall man with a swimmer's build, he had been Angel's best friend for the last eight years and his chief of security and lover for the last five. He ran a finger over his neatly trimmed dark gold goatee and gave Angel a teasing grin. "I think our lovely Maeve will be heckled into taking a vacation against her will and is on her way right now." His feet twitched on the desk in an impatient rhythm. "Why do we have to do all this bullshit cloak-and-dagger stuff again instead of just inviting her here? If she really is the woman we've been looking for, I want to start out on the right foot with her. Your breakup couldn't have been that bad."

Angel shrugged his shoulders and avoided Luke's gaze in the reflective glass. "We parted on hard terms our freshman year of college. Her scholarships took her out to California, while mine took me to Cambridge." He turned and gave Luke a rueful grin. "Part of the reason I got interested in virtual reality at MIT was because of her. I wanted a way to be with her without having to sell everything I owned to afford a cross-country plane ride."

Luke joined him at the window and put his arm around Angel's waist, tugging him close. "Did you ever try to apologize? Lord knows we've had our epic fights, but we always manage to kiss and make up."

Angel grinned. Luke's hands roamed to his ass and gave a fleeting caress. He sought out Luke's wrist and held on, stroking his thumb lightly over Luke’s pulse.

Looking out the window again, Angel said, "I sent her a long and rambling e-mail when I was wasted on Jägermeister trying to win her back." He groaned at the memory. "She sent me a reply five minutes later saying she was dating someone else and to leave her alone. Then I, full of drunken misery, wrote her back calling her a whore and other things I wish I could take back."

Luke winced. "Ouch."

"I know."

"Did you try calling her?"

"Yeah, she changed her number. So I called her mom, who told me to piss off."

Luke snorted out a laugh. "That would be pretty disheartening."

"That was twelve years ago, and I was an idiot back then. A very insecure idiot who didn't know how good I had it. Before I became Angel and I was just Rafe, the punk kid with piercings and blue hair."

"Well, now you're Angel. Millionaire bachelor and virtual-reality god," Luke teased him, and they wrapped their arms around each other, enjoying their reflection in the glass.

Angel grinned, recalling the interview on CNN with Maeve and Larry King. He had sat straight up in bed and hit record the second he recognized her. She had grown into her beauty and wore it like a fine perfume. Confident and intelligent, she’d handled the interview with class. He couldn't believe the girl that had made love to him in the rain was the woman sparring with Donald Trump. The sound of the TV woke Luke from his sleep next to him, and when Angel explained who she was, Luke had been intrigued.

"Do you think Maeve will be…open…to our lifestyle?" Luke asked delicately. "When you sent me out to New York City to spy --"
"Research." Angel glowered at him, and Luke rolled his eyes.

"Fine, research her, stalk her, whatever." Luke ignored Angel's warning growl and continued, "She seemed to be devoted to her job, and that's about it. Everything about her is so straitlaced, I don't know if I can picture her happily living with two men."

Angel loved sharing his women with Luke. It was the best of both worlds. He had his man and his woman and didn't have to worry about either straying. He trusted Luke completely and vice versa. To tell the truth, Angel loved watching his women getting fucked by Luke as much as he loved Luke fucking him. It just flat out did it for him.

Turning Luke by his trim waist, Angel sought out his lips with a soft brush of his own. Firm, gentle, they explored each other's mouths with the intimacy that can only come from two people in love. A groan stole from Angel's mouth as Luke dug his nails into Angel’s broad shoulders, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss in a dance of tongues and heat. Angel ran a hand through Luke's hair and admired the play of light on the golden strands.

Luke's blue eyes darkened to sapphire with passion. "I really want this to work out for us. I know I'm extremely picky about my women." Luke brushed his lips across Angel's again, soft and decadent. "But I think that you're right: Maeve is the one. Beyond finding her utterly delicious to look at with that full and soft body, she is wicked smart and owns enough lingerie to open a store."

"How do you know that?" Angel gave him a suspicious look, and Luke laughed, leaning back in his arms.

"Easy there. I didn't break into her apartment and go digging through her underwear drawer." His lips twitched with a grin, and through Angel’s dress shirt, he traced the thick gold ring piercing the right nipple. "I hacked into her credit card and checked out what she spends her money on."

"You shouldn't have done that."

Luke watched him closely, his smirk turning into a full smile as Angel's cock thickened against his. With a firm grip, Luke drew him closer and whispered against his lips, "Don't you want to know what she bought?"

Soft silk slid beneath Angel's hands as he pulled Luke closer. The press of Luke’s goatee tickled Angel’s throat as Luke brushed his lips over the banging pulse in his neck. "She buys her corsets custom-made from France."

Luke tugged the edge of Angel's shirt from his pants and fumbled with the buttons. He growled as Angel licked the outer rim of his ear. Their shirts hit the floor at almost the same time, and Angel sighed as he wrapped his arms around his lover, tracing his fingers in familiar paths over Luke’s muscled back, the thick gold of his nipple rings rubbing against Luke's chest.

Angel turned them to face the window and teased Luke's pants down his long, muscular legs and off his feet. With a grin, he nipped the back of Luke's knee and ran his tongue over the soft skin there. He loved the smell of Luke, the way he made him feel, and most of all the trust that they had in each other. He moved around to Luke’s front and pulled his pants down with exaggerated care, holding Luke’s gaze as his cock sprang out. A rumbling growl of appreciation met this gesture, and his dick throbbed. Angel loved how he affected Luke, how Luke totally gave himself over to the moment and focused only on Angel. Always a bit of an exhibitionist, Angel enjoyed displaying himself for Luke's pleasure.

Angel knelt, and the soft blond hairs on Luke's thighs tickled his palms as he ran his hands up Luke’s legs to his hips. Angel positioned himself so Luke could watch their reflection in the big dark window. Stroking himself, he thought about what it would be like to share Luke's cock with Maeve, to have their lips locking together over the rock-hard flesh.

Luke ran his hands over Angel's head, gently urging Angel’s willing mouth toward Luke’s erection, which demanded attention. Angel teasingly took only the head of Luke's cock between his lips in a hard suck. Long and thick, Luke's cock had a very wide head, and Angel loved the feel of it in his mouth.

Slow and steady, opening his throat, Angel swallowed him while jerking off in unison. Luke's hands ran over Angel's smooth head, distracted and tightening as he whispered Angel's name. Deeper sucks now, fighting against his gag reflex as he tried to fit more down his throat. He felt Luke's cock thicken, and he reached up his free hand to cup Luke's balls as they drew up tight.
"Stop." Luke gasped and pulled himself out of Angel's mouth. Luke quickly dropped to his knees and reached forward to stroke Angel's cock. Angel loved the way Luke got all worked up and intense in his passion.

"I want to fuck you," Angel said in a low growl. Luke grinned and gave Angel’s dick a hard squeeze.

They exchanged a kiss, and Angel ran his hands over the tight muscles of Luke's chest, fingertips tracking down the hard bumps of his abs. Pulling him close, keeping their lips pressed together, Angel gripped Luke's firm ass, and they stroked their cocks together.
Pressure began to build in his sac and settled into a low throb. He shuddered at the feeling of their cocks, slippery with precum, pressed tight between their stomachs. With one final nip at Luke's lower lip, Angel turned him around and whispered in his ear, "Give it to me."

With a shudder, Luke bent over onto his hands and knees and thrust his ass into the air. Angel wet his fingers and worked them into Luke's ass. Even after five years of taking Angel's girth, he was still deliciously tight and responsive. A light sweat misted Luke's body as he bucked back against Angel.

"I'm close already." Luke squeezed his internal muscles around Angel's probing fingers.

Chuckling, he withdrew his fingers and gave Luke's ass a light slap. "Don't move." A quick trip to the desk and he returned with a condom and a tube of lube. Luke tensed as Angel squeezed some of the cool gel over Luke’s rectum as Luke pushed back into Angel’s firm touch.

"If you don't fuck me soon, I'm going to kill you," Luke threatened as Angel sheathed himself in the condom.

A moan tore from Angel's lips as he held the head of his cock against Luke's puckered hole. The sight of himself sinking into that firm flesh made his balls draw up tight, and he fought the urge to just bury himself. When the outer ring of Luke's ass gripped his head, he paused and enjoyed the sensation, allowing Luke to control the movement and push the rest of the way. He reached between them and stroked Luke's sac. Luke made a sound of pleasure from deep in his throat and twitched his hips as Angel sank in all the way to the base of his cock.

It was too much. He had to move, had to chase the orgasm that trembled just out of reach. The focus of his world narrowed to just the two of them as he held on to Luke's hips and worked him hard and deep. So tight and slick, Luke's ass flexed as he threw his head back and groaned.

"Going to come." Luke gasped, and Angel leaned forward, grasping his shoulders. He could feel his own orgasm almost there. Body tight, muscles tense, he groaned and pounded into Luke. Beneath him, Luke's ass gripped and released Angel's cock as he shuddered and bucked.

So good, so tight and hot. Almost collapsing on Luke, Angel bit the back of Luke’s neck as his own jumped and spurted. Each throb made Luke shiver beneath him and drew their orgasm out.

Panting, he rolled off Luke and held his hand, staring at the ceiling as they both tried to catch their breath. Luke pulled him onto his chest, and Angel listened to his racing heartbeat.

"Love you," he murmured and placed a gentle kiss on Luke's lips.

"Love you too," Luke said in a content rumble. "Fuck what the rest of the world thinks. I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without you and our perfect woman at our side. The best of both worlds."

Angel placed another gentle kiss on Luke's chest. "The thought of you fucking her while I --"

Luke held his hand over Angel's lips and laughed. "As much as I would love round two, we don't have time right now. Our lovely lady is going to be arriving soon, and we have to put the seduction to end all seductions into action."

Angel grinned at him. "I plan on testing the waters doing some fantasies with her tonight and see how she responds. The Maeve I knew had more love to give than anyone I've ever met." He gathered Luke into his arms and placed a kiss on his forehead. "I just hope she'll give us a chance to prove how good it can be."

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